David Key

David Key

Director of Natural Change

BA (Hons), Cert. Adult Teaching (NZ), MSc. (Dist.), FCHE.
NZOIA Alpine & Rock Instructor, MLTUK Summer & Winter Mountain Leader

Dave is an outdoor educator and ecotherapist. He holds international qualifications in mountaineering and rock climbing and has over fifteen years experience leading groups in some of the world’s wildest places. Dave also teaches ecopsychology and provides consultancy to organisations who want to design sustainability change programmes and campaigns. He lives in Cornwall.

Rob McKenna

Rob McKenna

Associate Facilitator & Catering Manager

Rob spent eight years working as the catering manager at the Buddhist Retreat Centre on Holy Isle, off the West coast of Scotland. He has many years of experience as a mindfulness practitioner. Rob is also a Shiatsu practitioner and is currently training as a Natural Change facilitator to develop his interest in working with the power of wild places.

Osbert Lancaster

Associate Facilitator

BSc (Hons), MBA.

Osbert is a consultant and facilitator crafting events, activities and programmes to foster a world where individuals, families, communities and organisations flourish in harmony with the rest of nature. For 20 years he has worked with inspiring thinkers and innovators, putting his learning into practice with government agencies, community groups, businesses, universities and NGOs. He lives in Edinburgh.

Richard Profit

Richard Profit

Associate Facilitator

Richard works for a leading multinational business helping them develop sustainability strategies across their supply chain. He has been on a number of wilderness expeditions taking him to Africa, South America and the North Pole. He is currently exploring the role the natural environment has on relationships, empowerment and collaboration for sustainable change and growth within organisations.


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