One month later

This is how it feels –  like dormant seeds in a desert, after a week of plentiful, nourishing rain, long-held longings and wishes started to sprout and their tiny, fragile roots are interweaving with eacht other to form this increasingly stronger rootsystem, supporting each other’s growth, and fresh green leaves are stretching up enthusiastically – … More One month later

No Neon Sign

No neon sign on a tree with a blinking arrow “This Way to Your Life Purpose” – and yet…waking up at dawn on our day of the solo and listening to the primordial sounds of the forest, then finding my place and being alone for a whole day with myself, falling asleep when the natural … More No Neon Sign

Nature & you

What is nature? What does this word mean?Nature of things, nature of character…nature as natural environment. Each and everyone perceives nature differently. Someone can not imagine life without being able to go in the morning to the valley/forest next his/her house. And for someone it is ‘just’ word which doesn’t need to be discussed more. … More Nature & you

Static Solo

To be alone outside in natural environment ,only you and sounds of nature – animals, leaves in the wind..and to not move in the radius of 10 meters can be challenging for someone in many perspectives. If I am talking about myself personally I have got good time spending few hours out there. Although I … More Static Solo

Being alone

Do you remember the last time you’ve had the luxury to be simply with your self for 24 hours? No distractions, no phone no books, nothing to eat, just you? I myself can’t remember having ever been in such a situation. Surprisingly enough, I found my solo time very refreshing and beautiful. Just quickly for … More Being alone