Looking back

It’s been four months. If I look back these are the words that come to me: What a journey! It all started 2 years ago on the Butterfly Effect training course, during my first solo experience. I remember the Full Moon travelling through the sky, proceeding slowly, accompanying me through the night and the next … More Looking back


I don’t know yet what exactly do you try to remember me of I hear your river wimple even though I am not by the river I can still taste your water in this presence of yours even though I’m fasting I can sleep in your arms like life in the beginning sleeping in the … More III.


I am back now in the jungle of the city in the jungle of my heart and mind I still dream about my wilderness bears talk to me and want to sleep with me and I even go away from a camp of friends to be alone with the mountains These dreams remind me of … More II.


Fresh lights, behind a sigth-blocking tree-trunk. Summer has come back for another week, to fulfill what it has forgotten before. It has come back to remember. Like a ball pressed down under water and jumping back out, the questions came, finally they appeared in a space that was wide open enough to hold them present, … More I.

Life goes on

When I arrived at home my everyday life was immediately back. Family, work, further education and social life completely fill in my current life. But there is a consciousness in my mind, refresh and extended trough the training in Hungary. The comparison of my day in the wilderness and the theory about the tree spirals … More Life goes on

An impressive evening

What an impressive welcome back in our camp! An open gate, a burning fire, dozens of candles, our people around the fire in absolute silence. It reminds me at a funeral. A funeral of what? A special person? Our childhood? Innocent children all around the world? Immediately I was conscious agin about what I wanted … More An impressive evening