Looking back

It’s been four months. If I look back these are the words that come to me: What a journey!

It all started 2 years ago on the Butterfly Effect training course, during my first solo experience. I remember the Full Moon travelling through the sky, proceeding slowly, accompanying me through the night and the next morning hugging the trees good-bye and taking my story back to the camp and share it. I had been waiting for the possibility to understand what happened there that changed my life. And here was the chance! A new solo experience but this time with the chance of understanding the process and finding out the secrets of its facilitation.

Smell of the see. Roots of a tree embracing me as I sleep. Green bug holding my dream. Squirrel playing. Sunrays around me. A lot of different loud birds. Abundance. Being hold. Life. Deep sense of belonging. Being one.

It’s difficult to speak about my experience without being effusive. Sensing oneness with our natural surroundings (experiencing my ecoself as the Triskele model explained) touched me on a deep emotional level and really made a difference in the way I see the world now. I had been an environmentalist before but somehow it really feels different to take action or make a decision when I remember how connected we are even if it’s not a general sensation in everyday life. It has also given me a lot of inspiration in my work and deepened my dedication to our association whose mission, among other things, is to offer space and possibilities for learning and transformation towards a better and ethical world (often called sustainability these days or life-sustaining society by Joanna Macy).

And if you wonder what is behind this experience that had such a deep effect on me, here are some keywords on the process. Being able to slow down and spend some structured time by yourself in nature gives you a unique opportunity to experience the world from a different perspective. The main facilitator of the process is nature itself, however, it helps to process and incorporate the experience that you can share your story and you are offered reflections by the whole group afterwards.

Submitted by Krisztina


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