One day in the wilderness

Do I take the folder with me or not? That was the question! My day in the wilderness of Hungary already began in the night before. At that time, I was looking for ways, how I can bring passion and profession sustainably closer to each other. And I brought some information to Hungary, witch should help me to take decisions! Back then, this was just my main topic, so I would think about it anyway in the forest and the information in my folder could help me to get on. In spite of this fact I let my folder in the lodge of course…

It was time to go, to pass the threshold of our camp and I was looking for a nice corner along the stream. I couldn’t find anything there so I walked for a while across the land, still looking for the perfect place to be. Was that a wild pic? The cry of a potential monster made me a bit scared, so I created a prehistoric weapon, just in case I had to defence somebody. That wasn’t the necessary so I moved on and found a magic place next to a wonderful old tree, where I got ready to sleep. Suddenly, I discovered a huge dead branch over me. That thing was high up on the tree but I had plenty of time to shut it down.

Happy and tied I felt in asleep. I woke up, sleep away, I woke up and slide away. My magic place was quite steep. During the rest of this profound, interesting, boring and special day nothing happened anymore. The only animals I had to keep in distance were mosquitos. So I had finally time to think about life essential topics. What does really counts in life? How do I reconnect to empower? How do I have a good impact to my environment? How can I be the change I wish for the world?

After such a day I really saw myself as a child of Mother Nature. And the tree next to me became almost a friend. Me and my old tree… I felt grateful for this day, grateful for everything we have. The “wild pic” cried again. I had to laugh and I knew it was time to say goodbye to the tree.

Submitted by Gabriel


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