Natural Change Thank You

Between the 12th and the 19th of September 2015, I participated, together with a group of people coming from several European countries, in a training called Natural Change. It was a very interesting experience about connecting with nature in a deep level, facilitated by 4 wonderful trainers that helped us through the process. One of the most interesting opportunities for me was the solo day, I spent the whole day (from dawn to dusk) alone, in silence, in the same place in the woods. I had no distractions, only a notebook and a pen, and I had a lot of time to reflect about what had happened during the project and also about my current life situation, set some objectives for the medium/long term and enjoy the nature around (trees, leaves, squirrels, deers…). The most challenging about it was neither the fact of being alone nor the fasting, but the static aspect of it, because I am very active and curious. In the end, it was nice to explore the surroundings with the concious decission of not moving to explore further and instead, experiment to the fullest the smell, vision and hearing, and not that much the taste and touch.
After, when coming back, it felt very nice to be again received in the community, and sit around the fireplace sharing the silence, feeling no pressure or need to speak, just silent gratitude for such an amazing day and for being back in the community. The next day, we had the chance to share our stories about the solo day, and get reflections about it from the group. It was a very powerful and inspiring activity for me, to hear what others went through, thought, did… Personally, it was very surprising and eye-opening to hear my experience from other people, because I saw different things I had not noticed before, because I prioritise information in my head even without realising, it is an automatical process…

I am very grateful for this opportunity, which has positively changed me and helped me find some inpiration to do what I really enjoy and continue spreading the message for respecting the Earth and encourage me to try harder to both take and inspire attitude(s) toward sustainability đŸ™‚

Thank you to all the trainers, organisers, participants,and our wonderful host and cooking team!

Submitted by Noa


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