An impressive evening

What an impressive welcome back in our camp! An open gate, a burning fire, dozens of candles, our people around the fire in absolute silence. It reminds me at a funeral. A funeral of what? A special person? Our childhood? Innocent children all around the world?

Immediately I was conscious agin about what I wanted all the time, why I became a social worker. In our fast living, economy-centered society we often forget to think about the real pain of war refugees, the troubles of our neighbors, the condition of our planet. But independent of our ability to construct impressive skyscrapers and fast cars, essentially our life is still based on eco- and social systems. It defenately make sens to become quiet sometimes, to listen in us and our environment, to think about life essential topics and the things, which really counts in our lives. What a great base to live more coincident again. I say thank you for that.

Submitted by Gabriel


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