No Neon Sign

No neon sign on a tree with a blinking arrow “This Way to Your Life Purpose” – and yet…waking up at dawn on our day of the solo and listening to the primordial sounds of the forest, then finding my place and being alone for a whole day with myself, falling asleep when the natural tiredness takes over me, feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin and smiling inwardly as I name myself “Sunkissed Belly”, listening to the birds, watching the insects go about their own life, falling asleep again after lunch, writing pages and pages in my diary, feeling so empty and full at the same time, watching the sun make its way above me, feeling safe and supported as I sit under a beautiful beech tree, wondering about how time is a mental concept really something that we use to separate us from a deeper reality, writing some more than worrying that all this writing just creates more cerebral process and separates me from my surroundings, than throwing this idea away – how can I be separated when I am fully in it? – than even more thinking about connection and separation, then just soft belly breathing and floating in a half-sleep state, than doing some yoga and sitting back down in the embrace of the beech tree…can all this actually be THE purpose of life?

Submitted by Laura Johnson


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