A place and a time for me

Some days before the course I dreamed that I had to get a bus on the first day of the course. It was dark and I was in a small street running for the bus but I missed it. Another moment each of us had to create a head sculpture with a light inside. I did not get it done. There was a small, overweighted guy with long dark hair and some strings in his hands walking around, talking to us. Everyone seemed to make good process but a got stuck. I knew I had to have a result or I would not get a certificate. I was frustrated and blaming the others for my situation. I had an idea but I did not know how to put it in practise. I realized the course was almost over. I was complaining the course was absolutely useless for me. I was extremely disappointed.

Unfortunately my dream became true!..at least the first part. I missed the bus from Prag to Budapest and it was not my fault! 🙂
After this dream it is not a surprise when I am saying my expectations have been quite high about the course without having a clear idea what is going to happen. Anyway I was sure that this course is exactly what I needed next.
During the first „Check-In“ the trainer asked us about our hopes and fears. I had „Fear of having to much hope“. I hoped some new doors will open.

Slowing down, discovering, wondering around, imagining, following intuition, listening, reflecting, laughing, crying, playing…

You read the story of a woman who was sitting many hours during her solo day next to her expectations, who decided to leave her regrets in the forest, who got overwhelmed of the beauty of the moments, who felt loved and safe. You read the story of a woman who could expend and discover new sides of herself. She was laughing and was able to laugh about herself. You read the story of a woman who could not believe that she was not the only one who met a squirl and wishing for a fox instead. You read the story of a woman who heard many stories of other woman and men. Who got touched, got amused, was amazed and surprised.

The forest became a big multidimensional screen for projecting our inner world into the outside, containing all questions and containing answers. Get ready, go into the forest and watch your own movie!
On the last day of the course I felt attracted to an old cut trunk. It looked beautiful. The way the trunk was rotten reminded me to empty caves. In front a little stick with something on top looking like a little flag. It looked inviting, waiting for somebody to live in. Made by time. Ready for something new.
It told me I could be relaxed about my future:

There is a place and a time for me.
No need to hurry up, no need to comped.

Submitted by Sara Weick


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