Static Solo

To be alone outside in natural environment ,only you and sounds of nature – animals, leaves in the wind..and to not move in the radius of 10 meters can be challenging for someone in many perspectives. If I am talking about myself personally I have got good time spending few hours out there. Although I used to always do something –  participate in some activity,while I am out in nature, this was something new for me – to hold this ‘  static solo’.

But as I like to sleep many times, because good sleep is healing & makes miracles to your body and to do  this in natural environment of nice smells and sounds…one feels like in simple…but nowonder –  human kind simply belongs to nature –  it is nature by itself. Just by evolution and centuries we somehow forgot where we came from and what makes us  –  our body happy & mind happy.

Where did I stop? Ah sleeping…Yes, I also paid attention to signs, as that’s also good strategy how to be able to decide, when decision after hours and hours is just not coming. That is nice example of me  looking for the right spot to hold static solo. Just after seeing three signs, it convinced me to stay.  During this time of few hours being on your own out there I have had amazing situations as first time I met deer from  such a close distance –  I never have experienced before. Also my way back to the venue was kind of exciting. As the darkness catched me on the way. And being that time in the middle of forest we are talking about proper darkness. The night by itself has own magic. Just because you can rarely see everything  is changing its face… I was rushing back and at the same time close sounds of deers just around me. I felt that I am surrounded by nature- natural environment totally by this darkness.

Submitted by Kamila Kovalova


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