Nature & you

What is nature? What does this word mean?Nature of things, nature of character…nature as natural environment. Each and everyone perceives nature differently. Someone can not imagine life without being able to go in the morning to the valley/forest next his/her house. And for someone it is ‘just’ word which doesn’t need to be discussed more. For example group of people who are busy with their work and are travelling from city to city hunting business & clients have different hierarchy of values they do not realize they are missing something.

At some point I used to ask people,just randomly,:” Without which three things you would really struggle in your life, you would miss them a lot? ” It is really broad question –  but as soon as you will get the answer –  you know, which kind of person is standing in front of you, methaphorically saying.

I point this out, because I was questioning  myself with it. After my accident when I have been locked in the hospital for few weeks…I was working with my imagination – that I am in the valley, surrounded by trees , smelling to flowers and feeling breeze on my face. I never thought before this way. I was really dying to be able to go out  to the nature. Not just out from the building, but straight to the nature.Even if I wouldn’t be able to move anymore –  but to be able just to feel & and observe this God’s art would make me smile on the lips, would make me calm& peaceful. That’s what I realized what means nature for me. Three things?1.Nature/ 2.movement/3.apeople+3bmusic+3cbooks.. (I can not decide amongst them… 🙂 )

And what about you?

Submitted by Kamila Kovalova


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