Being alone

Do you remember the last time you’ve had the luxury to be simply with your self for 24 hours?
No distractions, no phone no books, nothing to eat, just you?

I myself can’t remember having ever been in such a situation. Surprisingly enough, I found my solo time very refreshing and beautiful.
Just quickly for those who were not there with us. The climax of our week was something called solo time, where we found ourselves a spot in the forest (everybody by him or herself) and just stayed there from sunrise to sunset. In addition we did not talk with each other until the morning after the practice.

My solo day alone in the forest was very interesting. I slept quite a lot, I spent quite some time meditating and I spent quite some time thinking. It was such a great experience to have time to think about whatever came into my head and reflect on situations and

my thoughts. This talk we had at the dinner table the evening before struck me. We were talking about happiness, wellbeing, bliss and so on. What we concluded was that as long as we are aware about the state of our self, we are able to change something about it. If we are unaware of our unhappiness or anything bothersome we are stuck.
After some time soloing in the forest the thought came back to me. And something just didn’t feel right about it. All of a sudden I remembered a talk of Jiddu Krishnamurti where he mentioned “the crisis is a crisis in consciousness”

At that point something very important happened. The knowledge I had about this suddenly went deeper. It felt as if I could embody this information that I had been carrying around with me in my head for years.

After all this thinking I laid on my belly and closed my eyes. And like a movie new thoughts in forms of pictures were coming and I could follow them through my imagination. It was nothing important and still I liked it a lot to just see all of a sudden my thoughts as images in my head. This carried on for a bit until it was time to leave my spot.

As I came back from the forest it was very dark already. There was a fire just after the gate that lead into the front yard and people were sitting around it.
It felt so powerful to sit around the fire in silence. No need to talk, no need to express something, just being together there in silence looking at the different faces and guessing about their days.


Submitted by Elias Kindle


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