Well, everything goes wrong today. Everything is wrong this week, maybe the whole month…It
seems I will not have my job any more. It seems I will have to change a lot in next few month.
Chanes, changes, changes – every change is soooo hard, when you have kids. Checking facebook,
a kind of relax…some funny pictures, some newborn babies, friends travelling round the world,
some offers to buy. Natural change, one in a row of trainings. Hey, CHANGE, that ́s what exactly
happens to me now. Mybe this change is the right one….Maybe not, there will be kids entering the
new school, moved into a new house, lots of deadlines round that date. But the idea seed started to

Lets send the application form, it ́s not difficult. My experience really fits, it seems I ́m a perfect
applicant. It may be really helpful in my job. But I really cannot imagine, what does it mean. ­
Natural change. Ok, at least it can be a week of relax not so far from home, but without kids and

I was chosen! Great! More info comes – a day solo in the forrest – I lived in a forrest for three
years, it doesn ́t scare me. South Hungary, a place I really don ́t know at all.  ́Mum we are really
able to be home alone, we don ́t need anything, don ́t worry… ́ Fine, a week of holidays is
comming. Maybe I will come back totally changed, maybe not. I will let it flow and simply enjoy.


Imagine a big big tree. What is it?
Is it a piece of wood? Yes it is. You can cut it, make planks, build a house. Or you can burn it in a
stove, heat the oven to bake bread. And what about a wooden toy? Kids would enjaoy the rocking-
horse for sure.
Is it a shelter?
Of course it is. All the leaves will protect you in a heavy rain. There is a birds nest up in the
treetop. And an owl really appreciates the hollow tree.
Is it a food source?
Just imagine aple, pear, hazelnut. And if you are a woodpecker, imagine a fat worm in the bark.
Did you ever try young lime­tree leaves? You don ́t have to be a deer to find it really tasty.
Is it a flowering plant?
No? Really? And what is a Tulip tree? Or a Sakura? Bees can tell you, how beautiful and rich the
tree blossoms are.
Is it a part of the Earth ecosystem?
Imagine your street, your city, your country without trees. How flat, how poor and empty it is! No
wood, no shelter, no source for animals and people.
And is it a part of your life?


Have you ever seen a monkey in Hungary? It was a quite small one, with a long tail. It was all
brown with big eyes and it was smiling all the time. Really. I saw that monkey on the eastern site!
First it was a confusing and convoluted mass of branches, leaves and creepers. Nothing worth
seeing at all. It was almost impossible to pass it, no pathway, no empty space.
But suddenly a wonderful glade. Full of blossoms, flowers and butterflies. I ́ve never seen such a
wonderful butterflies, yellow, blue, purple, green. They were drinking from the blossoms and I was
simply observing them. And then the monkey. Strted to hang on the creepers and her laugh was
really loud. It was like a zoo, but a real one. The air was humid and hot at I almost forgott how
difficult the journey thrue the rainforrest was.
And reality? Does anyone care?
Ok, I was lying in the forrest and a guided visualisation occured. It was a journey to the north, east,
south and west. Imagime 11 people lying on the ground and meditating. Travelling to the east in
their minds. And then my monkey. It was so hard not to start laugh out loud as my monkey.  ́Come
on, you cannot disturb the others! Calm down! ́…. my rational mind is so uncompromising.

Submitted by Eva Pavelova


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