Three pillars

Three pillars strong

A house will make,

A place to be and stay awake,

The day seems long, but it will run,

Its eternal race with the Sun.

Three pillars strong

To hang a bed,

A spider there to

Weave its web,

A place to dream

And in there rest,

The dreams with strands

All things connect.

Future and past

So thinly spread,

Ephemeral on the web;

All things that can and might-would-be,

A dreamer to make his destiny.

A promise of a future bold,

If he does dare to grab and hold,

And keep it close to mind and heart,

Even should things fall apart,

The strands will hold the true intact,

Gain strength from storms that would enact

To clear away what is not his core,

So he may be free to write his lore.

Indigenous to Earth he strides,

A wanderer in world and mind,

Begins to gleen that he’s not lost,

Just in places not ever or oft

Seen or touched by human hand,

His strides will bridge the broken land.

A calm center he will never find,

In movement is where his joy lies,

For one thing is born,

And another dies,

When needed,

It will strong arise.

For dreams to this world do connect,

Through body, heart and intellect:

These three pillars together

Do stand strong;

A gateway to new worlds beyond.

Submitted by Andras “Charlie” Nemeth


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