Of elusion, delusion, illusion

Of birds and stars and yellow things
that make the ground rise from the ground,
of trees and quiet and green wings
that keep the sound fall from the sound,
of gusts of wind, of clouds, of spheres
that make the light shine from the light,
of grains of sand, of hopes, of fears
that keep the flight faint from the flight,
of planets, oceans, and deep blue,
that make the hate mend from the hate,
of spirals, me and maybe you,
that keep the fate twist from the fate,
of realms of ghosts, shadows and moons
that make the past part from the past,
of tales of magic, dreams and fools
that keep the last words just to last.

What isn’t here is still in you,
you carry it until it’s true,
you let it go, you walk away,
then meet again along the way.

Of everything you touch, breathe, feel,
and bite and scratch to prove it’s real,
of blending points where wish turns into matter
as heart-shaped worlds collide and scatter,
of dust that’s forged into a brand new mirror,
which then you break to see it clearer,
of instincts sharpening your knives,
of intuition bridging lives,
unconscious binding,
journeys unwinding,
of heroes slain,
monsters unchained,
dragons of time lie in you dormant
while taming the unfaithful moment,
of revelations and mistakes,
of all that gives and all that shakes
your core into this worldy dance,
of grief and love, and one more chance.

We’ll meet again along the way,
you’ll let me go, I’ll walk away,
you’ll carry me until it’s true:
what isn’t here is still in you.


Submitted by Alexandra Popa


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