Come back to Earth

I arrived at the venue the day before, I settled, and I waited for the other participants to arrive. The next day I looked around: beautiful open fields immersed in deep lively forests. Fruit trees, mushrooms, berry bushes, old foresty little homes, and animals – oh so many animals! The Kisubanya forest is home for many species, different forms of life, all living in harmony – nurturing one another, exchanging and sharing homes and information. I am one of those too. I am part of the ecosystem – I was actually the home of two ticks over night and probably many other invisible organisms. When I laid… on the ground… of that forest… it seemed like I could finally let go, be held in a place that is home, and has been home for us for so many years, but which we recently have forgotten. It is not so common for a XXI century person to go and immerse oneself in the rest of the world´s living organisms, in the ecosystemic loop. We are mostly divided, detouched from the more-than-human nature, as if we could live without it, as if we were different and separate things, as if we did not belong there. But we do, – just hold your breathe for 30 seconds and you will figure it out yourself – said David once. We are dependent on the rest of the world, of the Earth, and inextrinsicably part of it.

I saw a tree, and he told me that it was OK to lay down next to him. He told me I would be safe. Then I saw a butterfly, and it landed onto my hand, and it stayed there for thirty minutes, touching my hand in order to familiarize with my skin. It had my grandfather´s face painted on its wings. It told me not to be scared, or impatient, for the sun to go down; it told me that when I am in nature, I am at home. People feel alone in their isolated city apartments, when somenthing like other fifty people leave within the range of one kilometer from them. I did not feel alone in the forest, when I was alone. I learnt to see the life that surroundes me – spiders, spiders´nets, butterflies, dears, beatles, trees… The trees… beautifully breathing in a concert of symphonies, directed by the Wind.

I took a leaf that was flying about in my hands, I looked at it. At first I could only see a mere ´leaf´- the same leaf we all know. I looked at it deeper, I put on my macro lens – I changed the focus. Instead of seeing the external shape of the leaf, I saw the internal structure of it, the lines, and colors… they looked like a mind´s neural paths to me, at that point. I tried to see more, I put it against the sun, I smelled it, I connected with it, and with the rest of nature. It told me that everything… is everything else, that everything is contained into – one leaf. One person, one situation – one seed. We carry all the potential. Possibilities are infinite, and I remembered someone telling me that your journey ends when you realize that you are already home. There is nothing so search anymore, everything is contained into one.

Take care of this one thing that separates your internal life from your external life. That is how you can contribute to improving the world – by improving your own, internal, ecosystem. The rest is just a mirror. Put positive things into the loop, eradicate destructive thoughts, limitative ones. Weed out your ecosystem, sow and plant and nurture constructive loops.

Nature is in movement, ecosystems exist in time and space, which gives them the possibility to rotate and revolve and revolute, and finally change. Your center is the earth´s center, it is the sun. We revolve around it like the earth revolves around the sun. And in our nucleus, in our seed, is contained all the information that we carry on the outsides of our surfaces. We – are community. We come true only in the interchanges with the environment, and with the others. This ´ecosystemic´ view is what will keep us safe and alive. Ecosystems are much smarter than one single individual – evolution, trials and errors, have kept them balanced for a life time. We need the animals, we need the trees, we need the fruits – we need one another, the humans…

This is a praise to life. Let´s come back to it. Let´s come back to the Earth.

Submitted by Cecilia Iacono


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